Straws, Pasta and Playdough Activity * ages 3-5

Straws, Pasta and Playdough Activity💡ages 3-5 💡Here’s a fun activity to improve fine motor skills, color recognition and counting.

MATERIALS NEEDED: (affiliate links)


  1.  Start by taking 3 colors of playdough, rolling them into balls and pressing flat on the cutting board. We found  colors of playdough that matched 3 colors of straws we had.
  2. Stick 3, 4 and 5 straws of the same color into each mound of flattened play dough.
  3. Prepare a small bowl of uncooked rigatoni pasta.
  4. Ask the child to add the same number of pastas to each straw as the number of straws on each color of playdough.
  5. We found once we got to green, that the straws wouldn’t really hold 5 pieces of pasta. 😜

Check out Oliver in action in the below video:

Oliver loved this activity and asked to do it several times so I know its a winner!

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